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    September 25, 2020
    Sponsor: Mazi Godson Chinedu Eneh
    TO: Umunne Cultural Association General Assembly
    Subject: Proposal for Constitutional Amendment
    In accordance with the Article XI (A) of Umunne Cultural Association Constitution, I hereby propose the following constitutional and byelaw amendments:
    1. Constitution:
    Article V, Section B, Subdivision 2 (Judicial Council) shall insert as follows:
    A. “1b. The last three available former presidents of the associations, as afore-stated, shall be permanent members of the council”.
    B. “1c. The president shall nominate and/or re-nominate the other two full members of the association to the judicial council annually on the January meeting of every year.”
    C. “1d. The tenure of the afore-stated two full members terminates shall on the December 31st of every year.”

    2. Byelaws:
    Article VIII (UCAM Igbofest) shall insert as follows:
    A. “2b. All Igbofest expenditures shall be approved by the simple majority of the committee members present.”
    B. Section 3: Change “$2700.00” to “$4700.00”.