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    Umunne Cultural Association in Minnesota (UCAM)
    Art I: Objective
    The by-laws objective is to attempt to narrow down to specific detail the rules and laws
    governing the internal operation of UCAM.
    Art II Budget
    The executive shall submit a budget annually by May general meeting. UCAM general
    assembly shall approve the budget in the June meeting. If the budget is not approved,
    UCAM general assembly shall approve only necessary expenditure needed to run the
    Art III Registration Fees, Dues, Fines, Assessments, and Grants
    I. Registration Fees:
    Membership registration fee of $150.00 is due upon registration.
    II. Dues
    Membership quarterly dues of $25.00 are due on the first day of each quarter of
    the calendar year. Outstanding dues become past due at the last UCAM general
    meeting of the quarter.
    III. Fines and Assessments
    Fines and assessments become past due after the due date specified in the bill or
    motion for the fines or assessments.
    IV. Grants
    1. The President shall source out grant to a professional grant writer, if
    necessary. In this situation, the terms of the engagement shall be submitted to
    UCAM for approval by the general body of UCAM prior to engagement.
    2. Grants obtained from any source shall be turned over to the treasurer within
    three days from the date they are collected.
    Art IV Donations and Pledges to UCAM by Individuals or Groups
    I. Donation
    Definition See Article III, Section B, Sub-Division 5 of UCAM constitution.
    Acceptance of Donations
    1. Any member can accept donations on behalf of UCAM
    2. Donations should be without conditions. If conditions are attached,
    Umunne must consent to them before it becomes binding.
    3. Accepted donations must be notified to the president, or the secretary, or
    the treasurer, and arrangement made to deliver the donation(s) to the
    notified officer who will then present the donation(s) to UCAM general
    assembly on the next general meeting.
    II. Pledges
    A pledge as defined by UCAM is a unilateral promise made voluntarily by an
    individual or group to UCAM to provide money or material possessing monetary
    value or to take action that will be beneficial to UCAM.
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    Deleted: a committee to solicit for grant on behalf of ¶
    Valuation of Non-Cash Pledges
    1. A pledge shall have a delivery time or the social secretary shall assign a
    reasonable time.
    2. Because UCAM relies on pledges in making its financial decisions, pledges
    shall be considered a financial obligation to UCAM. Consequently, the value
    of unfulfilled pledges shall be added to other financial obligations in
    determining a member’s financial standing.
    3. The social secretary shall assign cash value to non-cash pledges.
    4. The value of non-cash pledges shall be determined by the social secretary
    using their fair market value on the day the pledges were made.
    5. The executive committee shall approve the delivery time and the cash value
    assigned by the social secretary.
    Art V Investment of UCAM Funds
    The treasurer in consultation with the executive shall make recommendation for any
    investment of UCAM funds to the members at the general meeting for approval or
    Art VI Conduct of a Member on UCAM Official Business
    Any member or group of members performing any function on behalf of UCAM must do
    so in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of UCAM.
    Art VII Appropriation and Accountability for UCAM Projects, Parties, and Picnics
    I. Appropriation
    A written budget must be presented and approved by UCAM at a general meeting
    before any project, or parties, or picnics can take place.
    II. Accountability
    1. The individual or the committee responsible for UCAM’s project execution
    shall give all documents used in the project to the treasurer upon completion
    of the project.
    2. The individual or the chairman of the committee handling the project shall
    report to the executive and to the general meeting within 30 days of the
    completion of the project, a reasonable extension may be granted by the
    UCAM general assembly if needed.
    3. Members of the committee of any project or event shall report to the
    chairperson of the committee.
    4. The Finance Committee shall conduct and present an audit of the project
    within 30 days after the project committee chairperson or individual has
    submitted the report to the UCAM general meeting. A 30-day extension may
    be granted by UCAM general assembly. The Finance Committee chairperson
    shall present the audited project report to the Umunne general meeting.
    5. In the event of non-compliance by the project committee chairperson or the
    Finance Committee chairperson, a disciplinary action shall be recommended
    by the Judicial Committee and approved by UCAM general assembly.
    Art VIII UCAM IgboFest
    1. The president shall make all awards and presentations applicable to Igbofest.
    Deleted: 30-day
    2. The Igbofest Committee can only use Igbofest revenue to offset Igbofest expenses.
    3. The beginning and ending balance of the Igbofest account shall be $300.00. Additional
    appropriation for Igbo-Fest shall be $$4700.00.
    Art IX Refund of Personal Expenses
    Refer to Article IX, Section A and B of UCAM Constitution.
    Art X Borrowing or Leasing UCAM Property
    1. A deposit of $100.00 (One hundred dollars) is required before or at the time of
    borrowing or leasing UCAM property.
    2. $50.00 (fifty dollars) fine shall be imposed and collected for late return after 14
    calendar days from the due date of return.
    3. The due date of return shall be the day following the date property was used.
    4. After thirty calendar days from the due date of return of the property, the property
    shall be charged to the borrower/lessee at a replacement cost.
    5. UCAM musical equipment cannot be borrowed or leased.
    Art XI UCAM Monthly Financial Report
    Monthly financial report shall include the balance sheet (financial position) and the
    statement of income (revenue and expenditure).
    Art XII Internal Audit
    A one-time annual audit of UCAM financial transactions, and assets and liabilities shall
    be conducted by the Finance Committee and presented to the general meeting in April of
    every calendar year.
    Art XIII Check Signatories
    Refer to documentations by UCAM Finance Committee
    Art XIV Insufficient Fund Checks of Members
    1. For first, and second time offender, there shall be a $30.00 charge plus the face value
    of the check.
    2. For a third time offender, there shall be a $30.00 fine plus the face value of the check.
    In addition, a copy of the bounced check shall be attached to the UCAM monthly
    financial report and announced at the UCAM general meeting. The third time
    offender’s check shall no longer be accepted as a monetary legal tender by UCAM.
    Art XV Members’ Benefits
    I. Emergency Assistance to Members
    1. Eligibility
    Any member of the organization with at least one year of membership and
    in good standing at the time they seek assistance may apply for emergency
    2. Emergency Assistance Ceiling
    The Association will maintain a $4000.00 loan ceiling.
    3. Guarantors
    Deleted: 2,
    A guarantor for UCAM loans to members shall be an unconditional
    guarantor. Any member of the association in good standing and with at
    least two years membership can guarantee a loan to a member with a clear
    understanding of equal responsibility in case of default.
    4. Procedure
    a. The president and the treasurer must authorize the promissory note
    signed by the guarantor and the beneficiary before any disbursement.
    b. The president and the treasurer shall constitute the emergency
    assistance loan administrators.
    5. Payback Time Frame
    a. The loan payback period shall be 30 days with a one time $10.00 flat
    administration fee to be charged.
    b. The loan shall not be outstanding for more than 90 days from the date
    the loan was granted.
    c. The president shall announce to UCAM general assembly the names of
    the beneficiaries and guarantors in default after the 90th day.
    6. Loan Limit Per Member
    Maximum loan is $500.00 per person at any one time.
    7. Loan Default
    All loan not paid after 90 days shall be considered in default. Borrowers or
    guarantors that default on emergency assistance loan may be disqualified
    from benefiting from the program in future.
    II. Marriage Benefit
    UCAM shall appropriate $500.00 for the benefit of a member who gets married.
    a. A member must notify UCAM within 3 months of marriage.
    b. A member must be in good standing as at the date of marriage.
    c. A letter or marriage/wedding card specifying the date of marriage must
    accompany the notification.
    III. Death Benefit
    Upon confirmation of the death of a member, the association shall appropriate
    $500.00 for all-night wake keeping. This is in addition to other death benefit
    adopted by UCAM.
    IV. Bereavement
    a) UCAM delegation shall visit a bereaved member with the following: 2 cases
    of beer (48 bottles), 1 case of malt (24 bottles), 1 case of pop (24 bottles), and
    condolence card or a bouquet of flowers and condolence card. The total cost
    of flower and condolence card shall not exceed $80.00.
    b) In the event of a death of spouse or minor child (under 21), the UCA shall
    appropriate a sum of $500 as a condolence gift to the bereaved member.
    c) In the event of death of parent of a UCAM in good standing, the UCA shall
    appropriate the sum of $300 as condolence gift.
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    Art XVI UCAM Awards and Honor Program
    UCAM shall recognize members who have contributed immensely to the progress of
    UCAM through her Award or Honor program.
    I. Award
    1. The award shall be in form of a plaque.
    2. The president shall have discretion to select no more than three people for the
    3. The award should be presented to the recipients at the UCAM end of the year
    4. Not more than three members shall receive UCAM awards in a calendar year.
    II. Honor
    An honor is a recognition given to a member or non-member for his/her
    outstanding contribution to the progress of UCAM
    1. The UCAM member must not have faced or be facing any disciplinary action
    2. The UCAM member must be a member in good standing.
    3. The UCAM member or non-member must have made an identifiable and
    outstanding contribution as determined by UCAM general assembly.
    1. The executive shall be responsible for nomination of the recipient.
    2. Any member of the UCAM in good standing may submit in writing a name to the
    executive committee for nomination consideration.
    3. A two- third majority of the members of the executive is needed to nominate the
    Intended recipient.
    4. The nominee shall be forwarded to the UCAM general meeting for approval.
    5. A two-third majority of members in good standing present at the general meeting is
    required to confirm the nomination.
    6. The voting must be by secret ballot.
    7. There can only be two people honored in a calendar year.
    1. The honor will be in form of a banquet organized and funded by UCAM.
    2. There can only be one honor banquet per calendar year.
    3. At the banquet, the recipient will be presented a gift that will not cost more than
    4. The invitees shall be charged a reasonable fee.
    Art XVII Relocating Members
    Relocating members shall be recognized for their contributions to UCAM provided they
    meet the following conditions.
    I. Eligibility
    1. UCAM should be notified in writing prior to relocation.
    2. Membership in UCAM for a minimum of 3 years.
    3. Must be a member who is in good standing according to UCAM constitution.
    4. Active participation in UCAM events.
    5. Member must not be facing any disciplinary action.
    Deleted: nominate not more than three people and
    present their names to the UCAM November general
    meeting for confirmation.¶
    A simple majority of members in good standing present
    at the general meeting is needed to approve the
    conferment of the award.¶
    The voting must be by secret ballot and each proposed
    recipient of the awards should be voted individually.¶
    6. Member must be relocating to another state.
    II. Benefit
    UCAM shall honor the affected member with a membership certificate signed by
    the UCAM president and the secretary.
    Art XVIII UCAM Scholarship
    I. Eligibility
    a. Must be a legal child of an UCAM member in good standing.
    b. Must be a high school graduate.
    c. Must have been admitted into an accredited higher institution of learning beyond
    high school in USA.
    d. .
    II. Procedure
    a. Benefit can be earned only once.
    b. Maximum number of recipients shall be six.
    c. In the event of more than six eligible people, GPA shall be the determining factor.
    d. Award of scholarship every year to be based on availability of funds.
    e. Only high school GPA shall be considered.
    f. An equal amount of money shall be awarded per qualifying child.
    g. UCAM shall approve the amount to be awarded per child.
    h. Awards to be presented at the UCAM children’s day in July of the award year.
    i. Awardees must be present at the award ceremony to receive the award.
    j. Applicant must complete and submit UCAM Scholarship Form by June 30 of the
    award year.
    Art XIX Charitable Contribution by UCAM
    1. The president shall appoint a committee.
    2. The committee shall have a one-year tenure.
    3. In the event that someone leaves the committee prior to expiration of term of the
    committee, a replacement shall be made by the president.
    4. A charitable contribution request form shall be completed and submitted to the
    committee for review and approval within 60 days.
    5. Approved application shall be disbursed with 30 days.
    6. The committee shall award $200 to each approved application
    7. Beneficiaries should be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
    8. Fund seekers shall provide the committee with the Tax Identification of the registered
    non-profit organization affiliated with them.
    9. UCAM shall solicit used household items from members and donate them to local
    charities in lieu of money.
    Art XX Invitations to UCAM
    Acceptable method of inviting UCAM for any function or event shall be
    1. A letter in the case of invitation by non-member.
    2. Oral announcement at the general meeting in the case of invitation by a member
    unless where the constitution or the by-law states otherwise.
    3. Invitation by non-members must be approved by the UCAM general assembly.
    Deleted: Must have a high school cumulative grade
    point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
    Deleted: presentation to the general assembly for
    Deleted: always
    Deleted: ¶
    Art XXI Introducing Motions at UCAM General Meeting
    1. All motions must be in writing except motions pertaining to issues under discussion
    in the general meeting.
    2. A member or group of members introducing any motion must be in good standing.
    Also, a member who is in good standing must second the motion.
    3. The president must schedule to debate a properly introduced motion in Umunne
    general meeting within 3 months of its introduction.
    Art XXII Handling Emergency Situations
    Emergency situation as defined by UCAM is a situation that is sudden, unusual, and
    infrequent in occurrence that requires action to be taken before the UCAM general
    meeting. The president shall exercise his/her emergency powers for only the situations
    that meet the above definition of emergency situation.
    Art XXIII Hosting UCAM by Members
    See UCAM constitution (Article IV, Section E; Duties of a full membership)
    A member who has not hosted UCAM or has not chosen a date to host after one year of
    being a member shall be assigned a date by UCAM executives. A member can pay
    $600.00 to Umunne Culture Association in lieu of hosting at least 14 days before the
    hosting date. Failure to host on assigned date will be construed as opting for $600.00
    payment. Consequently, $600.00 will be added to the defaulting member’s other financial
    obligations in determining the member’s financial standing.
    Art XXIV Promoting Personal or Other Group’s Business at UCAM Meetings
    1. Members can use matters arising/announcements time to promote business.
    2. Non-members must give UCAM a 30-day notice through the president, who shall then
    bring the issue to the general meeting for approval. In an emergency situation, the issue
    shall be on the executive agenda, debated and approved by the UCAM general assembly
    with the intended speaker absent.
    3. UCAM general meeting shall not be used as a forum to solicit money for a non-member
    except former members who have relocated and were in good/standing at the time of
    Art XXV Documentation Procedure of UCAM Documents
    1. All internally generated written documents (constitution, minutes, letter heads, financial
    statements, meeting agendas, etc.) must be stored in both hard and soft copies. It is the
    responsibility of the executive in charge to preserve these documents.
    2. All adopted written documents shall be signed and dated by the president.
    Art XXVI UCAM Relationship with Other Organizations
    To be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at UCAM monthly general meetings.
    Art XXVII Resignation from UCAM with Outstanding Financial Obligation
    A member who resigns from UCAM with outstanding financial obligation shall pay
    his/her debt in full before readmission to UCAM.
    Art XXVIII Inactive Membership
    Refer to the constitution (Article VI, Section A: Termination and Suspension of
    Art XXIX UCAM Committee
    1. The chairperson of any committee can veto the decision of that committee; the
    committee can override the chairperson’s veto by a two-third majority.
    2. With the exception of the constitution mandated committees, committee chairperson
    shall report to the president.
    3. The committee reports shall be submitted to the executive at least seven days before
    presentation to the general meeting.
    4. The president shall schedule a date for the chairperson to present the report at UCAM
    Monthly general meeting.
    5. UCAM general assembly can override any committee’s recommendation by a simple
    Majority vote of members in good standing present at the general meeting.
    6. The final report, with receipts and invoices of any financial transactions, shall be
    turned over to the Finance committee for auditing.
    7. All committee shall present an annual report to the general meeting within three
    months before the end of the calendar year.
    Art XXX UCAM Executive Transition
    All documents from the outgoing executive shall be handed to the incoming executive within 30
    days after the general election.
    Art XXXI Conflict Resolution Procedure
    a) An aggrieved member or group of members should first seek redress with the UCAM
    executive committee. If the executive is unable to redress their grievance or any of the
    aggrieved party is not satisfied with the executive’s decision, either the executive or the
    aggrieved party should take the case to the UCAM general assembly for consideration.
    The general assembly may refer it to the Judicial Council.
    b) Any dispute must be presented to UCA for adjudication within 2 years of the incident at
    Amending the Bylaw
    Amendment to this bylaw shall be through a motion adopted by a simple majority vote of
    members in good standing present at UCAM general meeting.
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    Deleted: Prepared by the by-law Committee:¶
    Godwin Okolue, Chairman¶
    Dr. Domasius Nwabunma, Secretary¶
    Onyebuchi Njaka¶
    Mike Anunike ¶
    Mike Iheme¶
    Paschal Nwokocha¶
    Chioma Onwukwe¶

    Silas Udogadi Anorue, President¶

    Adopted October 31, 2020
    Amendment Committee
    Paschal Nwokocha
    Bobby Sea
    Nduka Omeoga
    Richard Ikeri
    Sam Nwanekpe
    President, Okey Nnaji
    Deleted: February 22, 2003
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